We have started the long journey to get home – today 13 hours in a small bus to Lhasa. Challenging drive as lots of snow in the mountain passes, and strict rules about the speed the car can go, including a lot of radar cameras. We said goodbye to Everest at a viewpoint. Waved to the farmers, yaks, sheep, goats, dogs, horses and donkeys. The Tibetan people are inspiring, they have been curious about us, welcoming and kind. The opportunity to learn about their culture and Buddhism has been extraordinary…….

The long ride to Lhasa.

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We almost saw Everest. We cycled up to Rongbuk. Unfortunately Everest isn’t on our agenda. She’s playing coy. While in Rongbuk waiting for her to show herself we visited the Rong La monastery. We had our prayer beads blessed. We also hung out in the small hotel and had ginger, lemon, honey tea. Met some travellers from Brazil on a tour (also disappointed at not seeing Everest).

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Soft landing

Nice easy morning wake-up. Cowboy coffee, porridge and eggs. Got on our bikes around 915. Our rest day involved 22km, 350m elevation gained, 1000 calories burned…….crazy thing is it did feel like a rest day!!!

We made our way through a few small towns. Desperate to get a video off for the blog we stopped at a small lodge in one of the towns and used their Wifi. As payback we bartered over the price of some Everest buffs.

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Pang La Pass

Some call it a billion dollar road. We just called it a B#%^*!?

43 switchbacks to get to the top!

70km total ride
Max speed 69.7 (Dave)
Calories 2673
Average 13kph
Descended 1159m
Ascending 914m
Highest navigable road in the world. Peak altitude 5205m
Camp altitude 4252m

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Gyatso La pass

What an interesting night. I was using the throne tent when I heard some unusual noises and then a lot of barking. Turns out the bull was coming to visit the throne and the dogs that joined us in camp chased him away (thank god). We had 5 adults and 4 puppies around camp last night. A couple of major barking episodes, no doubt saving us from something.


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