Rest day in Shregar

Last night knowing there was a rest day we got jiving pretty well in our food tent.

Awoke to a glorious morning. Played frisbee while the sheep and lamb came through camp.

Frisbee with the sheep.

Short cycle to the town of Shregar where we are for the night. Went on walkabout – a lot of poverty in this town. Lunch of champions – Budweiser, coco pie, Pringle knockoff, ice cream and nuts.

Solar water heater.

Met two groups attempting Everest from the north face. Apparently the weather window is coming up in the next days. On the north side there are about 130 or so people going to be making the attempt. Many more (approx. 600) from the south side. There has already been one fatality this season – Ueli Steck blown off Lhotse face.

One of the most fascinating facts they shared with us was the actual ratio of climbing to make the summit push (about 50 hrs over 5-6 days) when measured against ten weeks of acclimatization up and down, up and down and up and down. Helluva commitment.

Ox and I selfie.

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  1. As I post this I realize you are setting out on another day of riding. I hope the rest day choice of lunch items has sat well with everyone- I know Dave and Dale have stomachs of steel!

    When is your Everest base camp day? Heather- don’t get any ideas!

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