Day 18: Union Glacier – More bad news

The Russian specialist engineer is not due to Punta until Saturday… Apparently he has to be really small so he can fit in the engine – I kid you not –to repair the part… So even if the situation is perfect and he repairs the plane Saturday, they test it, and if the weather holds the soonest we can get in will be Sunday – but in truth, no one is expecting it to go that smoothly. Continue reading “Day 18: Union Glacier – More bad news”

Test Your Limits 2010: The North Pole

They Made It!

The Test Your Limits team toasted with champagne at the North Pole! Once they reached the Pole, all directions pointed south, all lines of longitude converge; it really is the top of the world. The sun stayed continuously in the sky, permanently above the horizon, in essence time stood still as the North Pole has no assigned time zone. It wasn’t an easy trek and it was filled with extreme challenges and weather. Continue reading “Test Your Limits 2010: The North Pole”