11 Replies to “April 7th Audio Update from Dr. Heather Ross”

  1. Hi team
    Glad to see you are having fun with the kite. No wires or trees to eat the kite. I'm so glad that there are no falling in stories to relate, unless of course you are keeping them until the end. Heather your singing is great Your back-up was sadly lacking. Mother nature is persistant if nothing else. Dale looks more like the Pirate of Pensantz but the smile tells all. Take good care all of you.

  2. Hi Dale and Gang
    Thanks for the audio as well as all the great photos. Oh, and Thunder Bay's recent cold weather is from the Arctic also…thanks for that too. Somehow I don't think our cold weather has any comparison to what you are experiencing. Odd concept to be going forward yet not – but we are know your sights are set.

    PS How's the ice fishing…just checking hahahahaha! MER & Al

  3. Great singing Heather – thanks. The back ground singers were a little faint. I can't believe the amount of open water you are coming upon. As the girls' dinosaur movie says “keep moving”. Take care of each other. Trudy

  4. Hello…I am a friend of Anne (Michel wife) and it was with “starts” in her eyes that she explained what you guys have been doing up there..wow…skying all day and waking up almost at starting point…Loving adventure and testing limits I can only appreciate your endurance and spirit and wanted to write you this little note to tell you that I am sending you tons of positive energy!! Most of all Have Fun!
    Caroline (in Montreal)

  5. Bonjour Dr White, mon mari avait une admiration bien spéciale pour son cardiologue. Il vivait en altitude depuis des années avec sa maladie d'emphysème. Puis-je vous rappeler une promesse que vous lui aviez faite en début d'année 2008 ? “À ma prochaine expédition, lorsque je contemplerai un paysage particulièrement majestueux, j'aurai une pensée pour Pierre Hébert”. Vous nous aviez touchés profondément. Pierre est décédé le 9 mars dernier. Avec toute mon admiration et reconnaissance, Louise Hamel (Ste-Adèle)

  6. Nice to hear your voice!!!! Great singing??? Thanks for the B day wishes. Keep yourselves safe and continue taking care of each other.

  7. I finally got my computer in the hospital and am eagerly reading your blog. Great to hear voices as well. Please continue to be safe and take care of yourself. Meredith and Dr. Silversides say “Hello”.

  8. Hey heath and team! Thanks so much for your wonderful birthday song, I will have to someday meet my fellow birthday revellers. Sounds like is should be frustrating battling the Drift, however you are making headway so keep up your spirits you are halfway there!!

  9. Looks like you guys are having fun.Kept up smiles, Kept a eye out for those big old bears who knows when they may come out. Have a great trip

  10. Hi Dale and Team
    We are enjoying the pics and following your progress. I don't think that type of trip is for me. One adventurer to a family is enough.
    Travel safe

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